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We value clean, simple design with a focus on thoughtful details. Timeless garments that you'll be just as excited to wear ten years from now as you are today (and we build ours to last that long).


Products must be able to stand up to the rigors of daily use. Innovative technical fabrics and an obsession with quality garment construction (made right here in NYC) help us accomplish this.


Stylish, highly functional clothing for daily performance. Intelligently designed garments that look good, feel great, and can keep up with you for an entire day, not just part of it. Clothing without constraints.


Underlying Proof is the deep-seated belief that form and function are not mutually exclusive. Products should be designed and built without any compromise on quality, utility or style.

Using innovative technical fabrics and clean design, we make versatile garments for daily performance. Intelligently designed products that look good, feel great and let you transition seamlessly through an active life. Clothing without constraints.

You know your favorite piece of clothing? The one you reach for time and time again despite having others to choose from? The one you reach for because it looks fantastic, feels amazing and has lasted you for ages? We want you to feel this way about each one of our products. We want all our products to be your favorite.

Favorite does not equal perfect, as there will always be some aspect we can improve upon. By embracing an obsessive focus on continuous improvement though, we commit ourselves to the never-ending challenge of making the most innovative products possible. 



Made in NYC

It’s hard to say exactly when you can consider yourself a New Yorker.

We’ve lived here for a decade and still smile when we walk on the High Line or see the Empire State lit up at night. Running over the Williamsburg Bridge at dusk and cycling through a quiet Central Park at 6am are magical moments to us. The only thing better than escaping the city for the great outdoors is flying back in, pressing our faces against a cold plane window to see the city skyline lit up at night. Shows at Bowery Ballroom. Soup dumplings in Chinatown. The list doesn’t end.

Given how much we love this city, we are especially proud that Proof garments are designed and built in New York City.

Manufacturing our garments in NYC is not cheap, nor are the fabrics we use. Far from it. However, the choice to us was always very clear. We believe in supporting our local community and businesses. It’s incredibly gratifying to be able to pop into our partner’s production floor and chat face-to-face with the skilled craftspeople that make our products. Just as important, producing in NYC lets us maintain high standards on product quality and rapidly prototype new garments during our development phase.

Learn more about our NYC-made collection.